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Great way to earn money with your college text books...


Today I am helping someone out and trying my hand and blogging about a different subject then I normally do.. I was asked to reach out to college students and let them know how to make money renting out their UN-needed text books. This program at does the work for you! It's so easy to do!. I sure wish they had had (or I had known about!) this when I had a few text books that I needed to get rid of. I barely made up in the buy-back, the money I had spent getting to the store. Oh, and the waiting in line, what a waste of time!

Here is a great solution....

You send them your textbooks with a free shipping label you print out off of their web site, and they do the work for you. I don't know exactly how much you get for the rentals but the web site says 2-4x as much as you would if you had sold it. So, you don't have to take the books up to a store, stand in line and wait, just to get a few dollars. Drop them in the mail and let Campus Book Rentals do the work!
* Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how easy it is.

Here are some advantages to using this program:
* Free shipping both ways!
* Flexible rental periods
* Live Customer support (That;s always a plus, don't you hate when you can't reach anyone!)
* 30 day risk free returns!

Why rent out a book?

How does it work? (renting a book)

The best part, every time a text book is rented, this company donates to Operation Smile.
Who is operation smile?
"Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that heals children's smiles, forever changing their lives." to learn more.
What a FANTASTIC charity and so worth while! I always love to support companies that give back to to others and that's why I ventured into this blog.
Children with cleft palate or lips can have trouble eating, have ear or dental disease, and sometimes difficulty with speech. Operation Smile works in over 60 countries to heal children's smiles.

Check them out today, tell a friend and share on your FB pages!

I was a little unsure about this concept when I started this blog, but now after reading the information, I think it's a fantastic idea. Why not make some money and help babies at the same time? Works for me! Too bad I didn't know about it before! I hope this helps you and please share because someone may be helped, and helper others and that always makes for a great thing!

- Kerrie

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Great way to earn money with your college text books... + love