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My first IPSY.......


I know there are so many subscription companies out there. So far my favorite is ! You get so many full size products with that one.
I also receive birch box. I love the fact that it is only 10$ and that I have never had any issues with it. However, theirs usually only one thing that I am excited about, maybe two on a rare occasion. I am actually going to cancel and switch to Ipsy for a while and see how it is. I just received my first one last night and so far I am very impressed!

First, call me a sucker but I love the hot pink packaging! It just made my day just a little brighter, know what I mean?! Also, I like that it came in a little makeup bag. Although, not my style for the print, it's still a bag. I can always fill it up with goodies and give to my niece! Here is what all came in it: * Pacifica Coconut crushed Pearl bronzing body butter * A full size "Juice Beauty" lip gloss in "Champagne". * "yaby" sample. I assume foundation or concealer, I have never heard of that brand so I will do some checking into it. I think it's concealer since it's so small. * "Mirabella" Lip gloss in Daydream. A beautiful pink!!! * A full size ZOYA nail polish in the color Jacqueline. * A coupon "100$ off hair styling tools and hair extensions and free thermal pouch with purchase". All this alone out-weighs my 10$ that I spent (no shipping!) Online says this is a 50$ value! I am looking at the past few months and I really wish I had made the switch earlier. There were some great months :( Well this is what I have to test out now. I probably wouldn't use the bronzing body butter so maybe I will add it to my giveaway pile :) I am going to stick with Ipsy for a while so I will let yall know how it goes! Have a fantastic day! -Kerrie

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My first IPSY....... + love