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Out & About....

Picture taken 8-6-11

Hey everybody,hope everyone is keeping cool on this hot,hot day. You know the other day I was out & about hanging in midtown with my bestie, just chillin and catching up on girly stuff. We stopped in at one of my favorite spots here in Memphis... Maggie's Pharm. This place is my go to for herbal teas,candles,oils& so much more! I find the cutest... coolest things at this place. Every time I pay them a visit I leave the store feeling like I need to take better care of myself or something lol.

Candles, incenses,etc

Shampoo,bath salts,and my bestie :-D

Sssoo many Teas I couldn't even get them all in the pic

All the stuff I bought!! Those incenses smelled good too

After we left Maggie's we stopped at this yogurt place that caught our eye called "Yolo", as soon as we went in our eyes focused on the Gelato. We totally forgot we were actually going to try the yogurt. After we sat down we looked over at the yogurt like "Oh yeah... that stuff" lol. The Gelato was ssooo scrumptious ughh!

Yummy Gelato!! I got the biggest size hehe

It was such a relaxing day and it's always good to catch up on girl talk, y'all know how that is. Sometimes you just need your girls yo make you feel better and vice versa. Enjoy your day sweeties! Peace.....

BTW I was experimenting with a twist out on my hair and it turned out pretty cute, I will have to do a tut video next time

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