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I am so in love with the things that I have tried so far! I love the name, the bright colors and I love their post on facebook!!!

I have several nail polishes and lip balms.

came in sets at Ulta for $10. I tried out the mascara as well. This is what I thought of it...

I really love the comb concept with mascaras it keeps your lashes separated and keeps them from getting clumpy, this mascara proved to do just that. I really liked it. I don't think my lashes got quite as long as they do with my Jordana Best Lash I love so much, however, once I get the hang of using this, they may. It is a little tricky at first. I wanted to try and use my typical method of applying mascara, however, I tried very hard to stick to the directions on the box. I did have to use my "blinking" method a little on the left eye. This is how I normally apply mascara...
I had way to much mascara on the end and made a mess, so I hope I don't do that again next time. If you like really separated, defined lashes, the this is the one for you! I typically don't buy high end a lot, but I will get this again in the future. I will hold onto the brush to use with other mascaras, this brush kept my lashes more defined. I love using two mascaras together anyway!

$20.00 @ Ulta.
Peak Performance Mascara
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Have you tried the lip crayon from POP Beauty ? One of them came in my Ipsy bag.
This will be on my Christmas wish list for sure: Creative director for Pop

Add some POP to your life today!

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