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New Master Glaze Blush Stick- Maybelline

I love any kind of makeup in a stick form (or short chubby stick in this case!). Absolutely love it. So convenient and just fun. I haven't bought myself much makeup lately (Yes, I know, I post a lot but I have very giving friends and gift cards to be used!!) but I had to go grab these. There were 4 or 5 colors to choose from and I thought these two would work best for me. I love these types of blushes because you can use a brush, or your hand. They are totally adorable. They are somewhat like the Elf all over color stick (Target or on Elf's web site for $1) However the color pay-off is much greater.
Around $9 at CVS. Don't forget to use your savings card!
If you use a brush for these, I recommend:
Elf $3 I have seen it at Target as well.
Real Techniques $8.99
If you don't want to use a brush then follow these steps:
Dot the stick onto your cheek, 2 dots should be enough, and use your first two fingers to blend- in a circular motion.
I am having to post a picture off to the side so please look for it there. Blogger is not cooperating and I can't seem to post any pictures within the blog post itself. Blogger is always giving me problems so I may be switching soon... Let me know on my page what you use -


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