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Studio Gear Lip Laquer in the color Flirty

STUDIO GEAR I love lip products, lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, any and all of it! I finally tried Studio Gear's Lip Lacquer. I've heard other people talk about it so I was really looking forward to it!

I love it!!! It is very long lasting, feels fantastic on my lips, and is a lot shinier than just a regular gloss!

Here's the two ways that I love to wear this Lip Lacquer:
1. Alone on dry, moisturized lips. SEXY.SHINY.FAB.
* Use your finger or a lip brush from Studio Gear. (2.)
3. Wear over your favorite lipstick for extra luster (and sexiness!!!)

Extra ideas & tips!
Line your lips with a closely matching lip liner first or fill them in completely. Then Apply with fingertip or brush.
Mix with another Lip Gloss you like. Studio Gear Lip Lacquer will boost the other lip gloss's shine and give your lips and an extra sexy touch! Comes in clear too!
Apply a dab of any of the lip lacquer colors to the center of your bottom lip after you apply lipstick- Just adds a little extra sparkle to your look!
These fit easily in your makeup bag or pocket for a night on the town but can be worn during the day as well. You won't need to re-apply often!

  This isn't just your normal every day lip Gloss. It feels more like a liquid lipstick. Its staying power and shine will have you falling in love as well. I love the fact that these have avocado oil in them because it is known to have regenerative and moisturizing properties. That's always a plus! I am very impressed with these, and I know you will be as well.

Stock up on them today!


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  -Makeup Artist Jane Storm

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