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New blog section- Low cost beauty & beauty deals...

I have found a lot of products that are very inexpensive but work very well. I don't believe you always have to buy high end items... although I do like a little luxury at times, but that is what it is - Luxury! I for one can't afford to keep my makeup fully stocked with items as even as expensive as Lancome & Clinique (and trust me, there's a lot more expensive out there!)
This section will be specifically for low-cost but great makeup products/and beauty deals that I find for you. You will also find some of these things in my regular blog, but I thought it would be nice to put these in a separate spot where you can easily find them when you need. I may even post links to contest and freebies that I come across, so check back often!
* I am also getting into at home beauty/more natural ideas, so you will see those here too!

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